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So I am dipping my fingers back into blogging. I used to be an avid blogger about a year ago but my life seemed to get into an upheaval and I took a hiatus. My life has changed so much since I last blogging. Some changes for the good, some changes a sad reminder of my painful past.

Instead of re-hashing my past I figured I’d start this new blog with a snap shot of my new life now. New beginnings, new life, new blog. Simple as that. To briefly get the world up to speed on my life in the now I’ll just give a brief summary.

My name is Violet, well its not in real life, but many of my online friends and extended family affectionately call me Violet, and its a name that I can’t bear to part with.  I have a preschool-aged daughter who I like to refer to as “D” and a toddler-aged son who I call “S”.  A few months ago the kids and I moved out of the marital house I shared with my ex-husband and into a simple space in the City.  I grew up in the City and moving back was chance to be closer to family and get back on my feet after my divorce.

Being a single mom has been one of the most challenging and difficult jobs I have ever had to do in my life. At times I feel stretched so thin with financial and emotional burdens. Other times I feel so close to my kids that I can’t imagine making these memories in any other way. I in no way am a perfect mom, but I try to be the best mom for my kids. I try to give them my full attention, and surround them with constant reminders of how much I love them.

Living back in the City after living in the suburbs for the past 15 years has had its ups and downs. Sometimes I reflect on how this move will give me a chance to find myself again. Other times it saddens me on how much I miss my old life.  It has certainly been an emotional roller coaster seeped with many memories.

Its at this point that I’d like my blog to begin…


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