To Gym, or not to Gym

I have been toying around the idea to join a gym again. Its funny I say again since the last time I stepped foot in a gym was 6 months ago. Even then I was only a guest. The last time I paid for a gym membership was probably over 8 years ago, when I was living in an apartment, and a newly wed.

I had toyed with joining a gym about this time last year. This was when I started to gain back some weight due to a relationship with a guy who loved to eat out. I had gained 25-pounds in about 5 months and I knew that I had to make a change. I was also toying with the idea of easing into running.

Well, lets just say after a month or so of touring gyms and shopping prices I tried to convince my then boyfriend to get a family membership to the local YMCA. Well, lets say that said boyfriend procrastinated and by Valentines Day the relationship was on shakey grounds and ended. I spent a month barely eating and lost 10-15 pounds. I then yo-yo’ed from spring until fall between stress eating and fasting due to poor body image.

Well, let’s just say I am too scared to hop on a scale and see how much I gained in a year’s time. I know its not pretty since my fat clothes from last year are snug. I even pulled out my old favorite materity yoga pants since the waist band has been the most forgiving.

Well, let’s say I need to stop toying with the idea of joining a gym and just DO IT.

Living in the City now I have so many gym options now. By my old place in the burbs I had a choice of three gyms within a 5-10 mile radius. From my place in the City I now have about 8 in the same radius. There just can’t be any more excuses.

So far I am trying to join a gym within my meager budget. I won’t lie the reason I sold my house and moved into the City was because I am living just above the poverty line. Due to a tight budget I had been looking into gyms like Planet Fitness and LA Fitness who both seem to have memberships of about $10-20/month. I had also wondered about if I would feel more motivated and relaxed about my poor self body image if I join an all-female gym like Curves or Lucille Roberts. Both sets of gyms have different perks. Some are just a facility of cardio equipment and free weights, others full gyms with classes and trainers. Having choices is a great thing, but I feel so torn as to picking a place to invest in.

I guess for now its research and checking out the holiday specials.


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