Warning and Fines

Well I have lived back in the City for about 2 months now and I got my first “Warning” from the City government.  The warning was for trash cans were set out more then 24-hours in advance. =/

The cans in questions were some trash cans family members had stored at my place since I had a yard. The cans were full of leaves and things from the yard and sidewalk. The cans had previously had some trash in them that sat there for about a month before I realized some passersby were throwing garbage in them. Now I get warning notice for cans that were filled with leaves and were waiting for next trash day after the holiday.

That next day is today, technically.

The City isn’t collecting trash today.  This is assumed since none of my neighbors put out trash or recyclables last night and I also don’t see a single can curb-side this morning.

On one hand I can see getting a warning for storing trashcans out and curbside for too long. On the other hand many people who live in row homes here in the City store their cans out front of their homes and along the sidewalk; its the only place they have room to store them.

In addition, its the week after Christmas, where everyone has cans overflowing. I usually fill my two smaller cans (ones I use for trash not the ones my family were storing here) each week. With the holiday trash from gifts and the extra trash from hosting family I have about 4-5 additional bags of trash waiting for pick-up.  In the past is collection didn’t happen on your block’s designated day, the trash is collected the next day. In my case that is NYE. There is no way in hell the City is collecting trash on NYE, LOL.

I do find it funny that the City did an inspection of trash receptacle storage the week after Christmas. Its like they knew people would have extra trash stored and probably put it all out early. Gotta love the sneaky underhandedness.

All this seems to have me scratching my head…



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