Downside of Winter

I consider myself a person who enjoys cool weather.  Overall I don’t mind the winter unless its a continuous blast of snow and ice.

One thing that I didn’t miss about living in the City are the bugs. I am talking about roaches *shudder*.  In my old place in the burbs I saw mostly spiders, silverfish, the ones with a million legs, bees/wasps, or generally bugs that found in a natural setting.

In the City you have those bugs too, maybe not as often, but you can still find them in your house every once in a while. However it seems roaches seem to be more prevalent. You can spray, and spray, and spray, maybe lay a few traps, but the f**kers still manage to get in the house.

When the weather first started to cool off and we had a freak dusting of a snow storm I found a roach in my powder room. This was a week after moving into the City. The roach seemed HUGE, bigger then I ever remembered a one to be. I knew it was because we had a cold snap, but it still grossed me out to no end.  To this day I still survey the powder room before I enter it.

About a week after the powder room incident I found one in the kitchen. Again, majorly grossed out.  For about a month after that I found a roach somewhere in the house on average of 1 roach/week.

The roach sightings died down for a few weeks until this week.  Frost settled in here with nights below freezing since Monday. I have had a roach a day sighting ever since….*shudder*

Good news is I discovered that a swiffer mop makes a great tool for killing those bastards. Effective flat surface for squashing… long handle helps you keep your distance.


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