Does this thought ever cross your mind

Have you ever become Facebook friends with guys you dated and stayed friends with.  And I mean guys you met up with once or so and you just didn’t feel a connection. Either they had a personality characteristic that didn’t sit well with you or that you weren’t fully attracted to them, but since they were a nice guy you stayed on friendly terms. Many cases they were on friendly terms as well. Maybe you even talked about hanging out sometime, etc. However, at one random moment you see them in your newsfed as “in a relationship”?

My first thought is “wth?!”

Seeing them in a relationship I feel a little rejected. Its then when I have to remind myself that I wasn’t into them. I just could not see myself in a relationship with them, it would never have worked….

However, I still can’t help feeling slightly jealous. I mean I think to myself, I am a good person, sweet, fun, cute. So why the hell I am not in a relationship and “that” hot mess is, LOL

I mean what am I doing wrong!


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