I have on my dating profile the age range of guys I am looking for. I have 32-40 listed (I am 34). I have this thing that I am not sure how comfortable I am dating someone close to or over 10 years my age. I do consider some guys in their early 40s on a case by case situation (i.e., personality, things in common, etc.). But in general maybe not older than 42. I figured anyone closer to my mom’s age (53) than my age is just weird for me, or even worse, close to my dad’s age (60).

Now when I browse through profiles I pay attention to that person’s description of the kind of person they want to date. For example, if they list a preferred body type that has “a few extra pounds” I might contact them (what can I say, I am a plus size girl), however, if they don’t I leave them alone. Same goes with whether they list if they don’t mind if the girls having kids, were previously married, race, etc. I figured guys looking at my profile would do the same, this is not the case, LOL.

Once in a while someone in the mid 40s will contact me and say “I know I am outside your age range, but…”. I have noticed that mostly older guys don’t pay attention to the age range I have listed on my profile (I think they just look at my photos, then send me an email). I think because I look younger than 34 older guys feel that they can date a person closer to their age while looking like they have a 20-something on their arm. To me that is CREEEEPY, I am totally not interested in that.

Well, I get guys over 50 contacting me a lot. Each time one does I end up with the “Dinosaur” song by Kesha in my head. LOL


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