Do I make my ass look big?

I had a date the other week that has to be the shortest date I have had on record.  It lasted all of 15-mins.

And then I never heard from the guy.

I had been emailing and texting this guy for over a week and I admit towards the end there was some flirting. Recently divorced, has a son, and living in the City. He seemed like a genuine guy. However looking back I realize he had asked about if I had any full body pictures. I was honest, I didn’t have much, and I emailed a few to him. He still continued to talk to me, so I thought that maybe he wasn’t one of those guys who will only talk to you if you had serious curves.

I put on my profile “a few extra pounds”. After two c-sections I don’t have a flat tummy any more. My butt is looking extra bubbly these days too. What I am trying to say is, I am a plus sized girl and I don’t lie about that on my profile. However I don’t have full body pictures of myself on my profile. I used to have one, but it was me 25 pounds ago. I took it down so no one would feel like I was puling a bait and switch, LOL. I also took it down because I found that full body pictures, even in the  the most conservative outfit, will still attract lewd comments. Taking down my full body pictures off my profile was a great deterrent, and certainly weeded out many of the creeps.

The date I had lasted only through a half a cup of coffee. We chatted up until that point, but about 10mins before he left he said he only had 20mins to chat before he had to go pick up his son. He made it seem like it was a last minute arrangement, but didn’t want to call off the date.  However, looking back I think the “date” was just a test to see how fat I really was. Him leaving was just a way of quitting while he was ahead.  He paid the bill, left a tip, and called out “it was nice meeting you” even before I was half way through my cup of coffee.

This latest experience made me realize I might be a little more “few extra pounds” then I thought. =(

I need more then a gym membership. I need an overhaul and a good boost to my metabolism.

However, my not yet singing up for a gym membership is not helping I am sure. I know I need to get my butt into gear and get going already. I kept putting it off because work got busy and I picked up a cold. I think I need to set a timeline for myself in order to get things going. I really need to make myself promise that by the end of the month I WILL sign-up with a gym, and i WILL get back into eating healthy again. I fear that if I don’t my fat ass will be the undoing of my dating life.


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