Speed Date

In my effort to get out and meet new people, some new friends, and maybe date, I joined a few singles meet up groups. One of the groups I joined was one that was mostly speed dating events. I had always wanted to try sped dating at least once and I figured joining the meet up group might be worth a shot.

I had picked a speed date event that was wasn’t too far from where I lived and seemed to be aimed at my age group. Well, most of these events lump in the 30s and 40s, even though my range is smaller than that, I figured it was close enough.

Tonight was the speed date night and I got home in enough time to grab something to eat, change into a cute outfit, and touch-up my makeup. I left in enough time where I arrived just as the event was to start.


I bailed after walking in the door and hanging in the back for about 2 mins. LOL

It was in a conference room and set up like a mini-seminar. There was a power-point presentation set up and about 30 people in the room who could have easily been a parent or grandparent of mine. I felt so out of place and it started to feel like this was a presentation on how to date, not a speed date. I am sure that part was coming later since the event was to run for about 2 hours.

When I arrived at the event I started to look for a seat and that is when I noticed it was more like a Senior Singles Book Club meet and not subburb singles speed date. I pretended I had a phone call and made my exit.

I am not going to give up on speed dating just yet. I think it was just this particular one wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be.

I still have a single diner social next weekend, maybe I will fare better with that, LOL.


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