Diet Bet

After dragging my feet all of January. I am starting off this month doing a diet challenge with DietBet and a bunch of local mom bloggers.  DietBet is dieting with an incentive and lots of group motivation. The participants put in money into the winning pot, DietBet manages the pot and tracks our progress. At the end of the competition those who meet the weightloss goal of losing 4% of their body weight in 28 days get the winnings. Its that easy.

If you can’t follow just check out or on Twitter @DietBet

Tonight we had our weigh in at Tony Luke’s, where we all had our last big meal and got pumped up and motivated by Tony Luke himself, who has lost 130 pounds over the past year.  I went to the weigh in nervous and left so pumped up.

At the weigh in I noticed I was about 8-9 pounds heavier than I thought I was. Plus I am about 70 pounds over what I was before I started having kids. I know I need to do baby steps, but my overall goal for 2012 is to get that 70 off! I even took before photos to keep me motivated

Just looking at these photos I can’t believe I am that heavy. I put on about 10-15 pounds since the summer. So not good, considering its been a year since JS broke up with me and in that year I put on 25 pounds…

So here I am. I am going to stop moping about how much I gained and start pushing on to how much I am going to lose. This time dieting is for REAL. I have a great group of motivating women to help me, DietBet is cheering me on, and that pot of cash will be as sweet as thin will feel.


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