Wii Me

I finally set-up my Wii. I had been debating on setting it up since I don’t have many games for it. My ex-husband bought the Wii system the day I was laid off from my job (well before we knew I was laid off). He bought it specifically for Wii Fit, figuring it would be cheaper than a gym membership.

The more I procrastinated about joining a gym the more I figured that meeting my DietBet challenge goal would get tough. I am eating well (had a few cheats here and there), and I am feeling great. But I know I need to exercise too and with a crazy schedule with the kids and work, I am not sure I would keep up with a gym membership.

That is when I remembered I had a Wii in a box somewhere.

To my discovery I found that my ex never too Wii Fit and the EA Active games. I considered this a huge score on my part since I was all prepared to go out and buy some fitness games.

I help keep me motivated to work out and enjoy doing so, I figured I’d pick up a Zumba game.

I was out running some errands at Target and figured I’d see what they had in stock before hitting Game Stop.  There wasn’t much but they did have the Zumba game. Then this Country Line dancing game caught my eye, esp since it had a “sweat mode”.  I stood there pondering it for maybe 15 mins. I went back and forth several times. Zumba I know would be awesome, but that country line dance game looked so much fun, plus I always wanted to learn too. I was really torn. I even posted a poll on Facebook to help me decide.

I ended up purchasing Just Dance 3.

I used to love playing DDR and I figured Just Dance would be equally as fun. Plus I remembered I have two left feet when I try to dance to latin beats. I also figured once I get tired of Just Dance I’ll grab the country line dance game.

Once I got the game home I had to pop it into the Wii. Once song and I was huffing and puffing. Seriously this game kicked my ass, and hard. I took a 5 min break and did another song. Another break, another song.  I think over a 40-45 min period I did about 4-5 songs. Each one kicked my ass, and at one point even eliminating jumps still kicked my ass.

Oh yeah, I know this game has been a great investment.


4 thoughts on “Wii Me

  1. Yes… two weeks are flying by. I knew the first week would be great results from the change in eating lifestyle. Now the hard part begins. Maintaining the healthy eating and working out.

  2. HI, your post just made me realize that my boys have a Wii somewhere and since I´ve got to shed (loads) of extra weight, I might actually give it a go, nice one 🙂

    • Lol…no problem.

      I totally forgot about my Wii too. It being in a box didn’t help either. But I think if I am going to look like a silly uncoordinated fool its best to do so in the privacy of my own living room, lol

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