Results in the Home stretch

I quick little post now that there are only 10 days left in my DietBet challenge. The time really has flown and I know I went flying out of the gates with some awesome results. Now that my body has been on this diet for 3 weeks, the pacing has begun.

I noticed that I maintained last week. I felt ok with that. On one hand it is better than gaining. On the other hand in my mind I had 2 weeks to go. I was at the top of the leader board and feeling so awesome.

This week I lost about 1.4 pounds. I was hoping for 2 or more pounds, but then again I had a big cheat on Monday that rolled into Tuesday. I only had a chance to workout once this week (doing better with my stamina on Just Dance).

On MyFitnessPal I am tracking my inches. Even though I maintained the one week and lost this week I have had some results in my inches. Last week’s measurements showed that I lost 1.5-inches in my waist, 2-inches in my hips, 1/5-inch in my bust, and 1/4-inch in my neck. Loving those results in just one week, and on a week I maintained.  This week’s measurements show I maintained my inches, or maybe a 1/8-inch loss here or there.  I can already feel a difference in some of my clothes, which really does boost my mood.

Here is the situation. I am 3.5 pounds away from meeting the winnings goal for the DietBet challenge.  I have 10 days left. Plus I am ranking 3rd on the leader board now.  I am getting soooo nervous. I had such a good momentum that I thought I was going to smash the goal out of the water. Now it looks like I might just make it.

Another thing has crossed my mind as well. DietBet has kept me so motivated. When I want to have a cheat or a snack the first thing I think of is how its going to effect me in the challenge. I know I want and need to get this weight off, but the bet of the challenge is really pushing me forward, more than diets previously.  I think I might want to try this challenge again!


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