So so close

I have about 6 days left in my DietBet challenge. I am so very very close to meeting my goal of losing 4%. So far I am at the 90% to meeting my goal. It basically comes down to losing about 1-1.5 more pounds. I am really nervous that I am not going to make it.  I have been eating well, but not working out. I had hoped to work out lots this week, but guess what, I caught yet ANOTHER damn cold.

Yes, runny nose and congestion

Yes, no energy

Yes, more coughing

I swear this was the worst cold season, which has also been the bane of my dieting efforts for 2012. I think all I can do now is stay focused,  really watch what I eat, and cross my fingers, LOL.


One thought on “So so close

  1. Hi, just to let you know I´ll keep my fingers crossed for you, too 🙂
    I´ve just started a diet, again, so I can sympathize. I lost about 30 kg 5 years ago, managed to keep it down for 4 years and nearly put everything back on last year, how pathetic is that?? Still, we´ve managed before, we will succeed again 🙂

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