Drive-by posting…

I have a tight deadline for work. Well, it wouldn’t be as tight if and when I tried to get some work done over the weekend, I would have worked on the correct project. You know, the one that is due tomorrow and not the one that is due next week. Yeah, big overachiever fail on that one, LOL.

So a quick few things I want to chat about and then I will need to bathe the kids, get ready for tomorrow, and pull an all nighter…

DietBet Challenge:

I hit my goal, however I am not sure how my scale at home will measure up to the official one that the final weigh-in will be on. I have lost 2 inches in my bust, 2-inches in my hips, and 2.25-inches in my waist. I can’t believe the results! I am totally on gear to keep going, despite the fact that I am craving french fries like a mo-fo.

Dating and Love of to date:

This one has been so confusing for me. They say girls are complicated and make no sense, I beg to differ.

First, I found out that “The Scientist” has blocked me on Facebook. I know that sounds strange for me to say. I am not one to check in on exes, but I was curious to see how life was treating him (ok, wanted to see if he remarried, LOL). When he broke up with me I left him alone. I sent one “good-bye, you were a special guy and I hope we can be friends” text and left it at that. I didn’t email him, didn’t call him, didn’t IM him, nothing. I left him alone. I have no idea what possesed him to block me on Facebook.

Second, I think I might be cursed when it comes to love. I seem to run into some really great guys once in a while and they all break up with me on good terms. Its usually not by any of my faults (or so they say), but it just seems like fate brought us together at the wrong moment. I have no idea fate is trying to lead me to the right guy, or if the universe thinks its amusing to see my heart broken. I know I am ready to love someone. I want to love someone again. I don’t want this person to be anyone, but a best friend who cares for me as much as I care for them. Just when I think I might have met that person and give it time to blossom a little, he disappears from my life as quickly and gracefully as he came into it. Tori Amos’ “Sleeps With Butterflies” seems to capture how this feels.

I honestly don’t know how to approach all this. I feel like I am in a dating rut, but the only way out of a rut is to plow through it, right?


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