Winning tastes a lot like buffalo chicken

I did it. I lost that last pound AND then some!  According to the official DietBet challenge weigh-in I lost a total of…… 13 pounds (my scale at home says the grand total was more like 11.5-12).  

In total my competiors and I lost 94-lbs!  I am shocked, we lost a combined of a small person?!?! Which we then promptly celebrated with a round of unhealthy salads (I had one topped with buffalo chicken and blue cheese dressing, LOL)

I am excited and very proud of myself for getting my ass in gear and sticking to a diet. A month was totally easy and I am so motivated to keep going. Wow over 10-pounds in a month! I know I can’t have big losses in a short period of time going forward, but even if I did about 1-2 lb loss a week, or about 5-lbs a month, by bathing suit season (June) I could be down another 15-lbs or so, or a total of 25-lbs. Keeping that momentum going by November I could be down by 45-lbs.

Coincidentally, I found out I am invited to my ex-sister-in-law’s wedding this November and a slim and trim me would be an awesome. Its my new mini-goal; lose 40-50 pounds by November so I can flaunt it around my ex-husband and his girlfriend.

After the weightloss journey I had these past 28 days I cannot recommend DietBet enough. I have done a weightloss competition before where winner takes all. With those challenges when you find out you are not in the top 2 you lose some motivation and maybe some self-confidence, your success wanes, and when the competition is over you go back to bad old eating habits. With the DietBet challenge I stayed confident the entire time. I knew that if I made my goal, even if I wasn’t the first to hit the goal, or even if I didn’t lose the most, I was still going to end up a winner. In the end I won some money as well as confidence and a better self image. Oh and lets not forget that this challenge made eating healthy and a healthy lifestyle a habit now.

DietBet sponsored the weightloss challenge for my competitors and I, but if you start a DietBet challenge of your own right now DietBet will put up to $25 into your pot if you follow these steps:

1. Start a game with DietBet (You must use this link: )
2. Set the weight goal and bet amount.
3. Get four or more friends to play with you.
4. Use DietBet to hold the pot and they will spot your stake up to $25. So, if everyone is betting $25, they will add $25. If bets are $20, they will add $20 to your pot. etc. etc.

I really want to thank my competitors for a really fun time. The support we gave each other added to my motivation. I know we all did so well is losing that combined 94-lbs!

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The Turnip Farmer

Delco Deal Diva

James’s Project

Harmonic Mama

A Grand Life

Real Mom Media


Stay tuned all, the DietBet challenge might be over for me, but I plan to keep going. Once I hit a loss of 20-pounds I plan to take some pictures for comparison. Only 6-7 more pounds to that goal (which I hope to be by the end of the month)


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