Views around the world

WordPress has a new feature associated with the stats tracking page. They now show you where in the world your hits are coming from, and highlight it on a map.

This feature intrigued me so much that I had to play with it.

I know my blog is still in its infancy, but according to the world stats about 2/3rds of my hits are from the US and just under 1/3rd of the hits are from Germany. I have one or five hits from Egypt, Mexico, Slovakia, Hong Kong, and the UK.

I have to say I am quite impressed at the reach of my blog. Plus I love Germany (danke schoen!!). Two work trips there and I fell in love.  I have been to the UK once. Another work trip that I turned into a vacation.

Reminds me that there are so many places around the world I want to visit. I used to do lots of traveling for my job, but these days the cost of it is not feasible anymore.

Someday I will get my feet around the globe.



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