Oh MY, has it really been THAT long?

I know its been awhile since I posted. I figured it was about 5 days, 6 tops, nope its been about 10. The huge drop in my daily stats has been another indicator that I should not go more than 3 days without posting  something on my blog.

First, to all of my loyal followers and subscribers, I am really sorry. I really did not mean to keep you hanging out to dry for so long.

Second, wow, so much to update and my fingers cannot type fast enough.

Let me start with I had a fun St. Patrick’s day. Went out with a friend of mine to a bar that wasn’t in with the Irish pub crowd.  We stayed in the Italian part of the city where all the bars had a small crowd, perfect for chatting over a few beers and relaxing the night away.  It was a perfect venue for my first St Patick’s night out. Next year maybe I might venture into one of the Irish pubs, lol.

My diet has fallen to the way side the other week. I was a mess after I had stopped hearing from the Sailor. I would go through periods where  I didn’t eat, then binge eat. It was bad.  This past week was slightly better, but I think that was from being lazy, LOL. This week I need to kick it up a notch again. Totally get back to working out too.

Work has been slowly picking up and I was asked if I could take on some more hours.  This is awesome news for me. The work I have been doing has been helping supplement my income, but just enough to get by, the extra hours might help me slowly start to build a savings again. Just thinking about that makes me cry happy tears. Its been so long since I had any money in my savings account. This from a person who, about 3 years ago, really did have 3-4 months salary socked away in a rainy day fund.  This dream of a fund was slowly drained away in the first year and half after my ex-husband left me.


Lastly, the Sailor came back to me.

Yes, I really thought he went off into the wild blue yonder, but it turns out that he never got the last few messages I sent to him (I sent via carrier pigeon and not bottles!). I had thought he lost interest, he thought I sadly backed away. After a long talk we got on the same page with our feelings and then decided to see where things go.  Its still in the early part of the “see where this goes”, but I will admit that open talk has helped me read his non-verbal communication cues better  (though not perfectly). I do feel more comfortable opening up to him now, esp telling him what I am thinking and feeling. I don’t want to repeat any mistakes with bad communication.  The misunderstanding with the Sailor was treading that area my ex-husband said my biggest downfall (whom said I was non-communicative). I refuse to let myself enter that arena again, esp with the Sailor.

I think that is it for the updates….

Now if only I can get around to doing my taxes… =/



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