Fun City find

Today on the way home from a long day of working I wandered into my new favorite find in the City. I discovered a craft beer outlet.

Let me just say that I love craft and microbrew beers. Most of the time I find these by the case and I am always hesitant to pick one up, especially one that I have never tried before.  In part this was because I didn’t want to buy a case and then find out that I didn’t like it (who wants to choke down a case of crappy beer). The other part is it takes me ages to drink a case a beer on my own. It takes me about a month to get through a 6-pack. Drinking a case takes me about 6-9 months, by then its almost skunked.

Finding places that carry craft beers by the 6-pack is very challenging. I usually only get a chance to try these beers if I stumble upon a bar/pub that has a nice selection on draft. With all the trendy emergence of draft rooms in the City, its been easy to expand my pallet.

However, I don’t always like pay $5-8/glass.

I also like to have a beer in the comfort of my own home.

So, with this craft beer outlet; not only do they have a huge selection, but you can make your own 6-packs, and most of the stock is CHILLED. I swear I heard angles sing when I stepped into this place, LOL.

I wandered around for 30-minutes and this is what I assembled

If this collection doesn’t scream “girly beers” I have no idea what would. LOL.  So far I had the Blueberry Ale…. YUM!


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