Somebody that I Used to Know

I heard this song for the first time today. At first I wasn’t sure about it (intro seemed strange to me). Then then Bono-U2 vibe was kinda neat, after that I was sucked in.

I admit I have listened to it about 4 times tonight, and, I am loving it.

This song reminds me of how I felt several months after JS broke up with me. We agreed to stay friends, and at times we were chatting like old friends. Then one day he stopped talking to me.  I admit it hurt. I knew there would never be anything romantic between us and I never counted on us getting back together, so I only saw him as a good friend. I have many close friends that are guys, and most of which I was never romantic with, nor did I ever have feelings for. There are a few that I might have had feelings for, but were never acted on. Then a small number that I was romantic with, but no longer.

For me this stanza is most powerful of the whole song (its all powerful, but this is what hit closer to home for me)

But you didn’t have to cut me off 
Make out like it never happened 
And that we were nothing 
And I don’t even need your love 
But you treat me like a stranger 
And that feels so rough 
You didn’t have to stoop so low 
Have your friends collect your records 
And then change your number 
I guess that I don’t need that though 
Now you’re just somebody that I used to know


I guess these words can apply to any relationship where one person cuts the other off, be it with the opposite sex or the same sex.  I think for me I didn’t need to feel any romantic feelings for JS, but to me he still was a special person in my life, and cared about him (not to be confused with care FOR him).

Sometimes I wonder if I was being too close of a friend to him, or as Kimbra ends her part with “…I wouldn’t catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know.” (source  I guess he meant well about being “friends”, but saw my “friendliness” as a way of still being hung up on him.  I admit if the shoe were on the other foot I might see it that way too.

However, I guess he didn’t know me.


2 thoughts on “Somebody that I Used to Know

  1. I really listened to the lyrics of this song too. Certain songs just seem to catch you unexpectedly and strike a chord. Sorry that the friendship didn’t work out.

    On a slightly different note, have you seen this version of this song? It’s pretty cool and I hope you don’t mind me sharing it with you.

    Best Wishes,

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