A day for peeps

Today was a day for much needed time with family. I do live closer to my extended family now, and I do get to see them more often. However, getting together with the whole clan at once is really special to me (its a rare affair).  Something about being surrounded by them all, laughing, eating, telling stories, hearing the same stories for the millionth time, provides a great comfort to me. Right before my ex-husband left we didn’t visit my family that Easter. It was my Grandfather’s last Easter, he died 3 months later. I kind of regretted not being there that year. I wanted to swing by on the way to his grandmother’s house (we literally passed by), but my ex was insistent that we didn’t since we visited for Xmas.

About 2 weeks after my ex-husband left I attended a family gathering and they were so supportive and loving. After that, I promised myself not to keep my kids away from all that I came to cherish. I wanted them to feel the love of a close knit family; my family.

Since I didn’t have the kids Easter morning (ex and I split the holiday, this year I got them for the afternoon). I whipped up a little cake.


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