Up side of a cold

Yes, I have yet ANOTHER head cold.  With the weather really warming up I thought cold and flu season was done for.  In addition, with getting strep throat two weeks ago I figured what are the chances of picking up another cold.

I really do have bad luck.

Luckily this cold is all congestion, nothing in the chest. However, I can’t taste a damn thing. All food is bland, boring, and unappetizing.  I really haven’t eaten much in the past few days, which has resulted in a loss of 3 pounds.

Which brings me to a grand total of 15 pounds lost since I started to diet.

I admit I seemed to take most of the past month off from dieting. When I say “take take time off” I mean, I watched what I ate for the most part, but I wasn’t too strict, and I didn’t really exercise (or not at all). March was a month of maintenance.

April, well, I am hoping to get out of that slump and get back to trying to shed some pounds. Yes, I realize that this month is half over, however once this cold is done I can get back on track. My goal is to lose 5 more pounds by the end of the month. I think that is a pretty doable goal.

Overall goal is to  try to lose about 10-pounds a month.


2 thoughts on “Up side of a cold

  1. Obviously, I like the bit about you having lost weight, not the bit about having another cold, hope you get well soon again 🙂

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