The “Good News” Post

So yesterday I had written an update post including all the “bad news” happenings that occurred during my non-intentional hiatus. Today I’d like to give the same little summary of “good news”.

Well, not all is “good” news, maybe better news, or “fianlly shit is turning around for me” news. Either way the following news was upbeat and therefore was delisted from the update news in yesterdays’s post.

(Again in no particular or chronological order)

  • My little boy had a birthday. OMG, shocks me how big he is getting, how much he is changing, and all the milestones he is busting through. The kid can count and knows his alphabet. I thought DD was a smart cookie, this kid is blowing her out of the water at this age. Sometimes when I look at him I am reminded as to how far I have come in the last 2 years.  Right after DS was born my ex-husband walked out. I was unemployed, just had a baby, and was recovering from a c-section. I was alone, scared, and emotionally devastated as to all that happened.
  • Just as the hours at my job were dwindling I updated my resume and online job profiles. I had this sneaking suspicion that work was slowing down. I loved my job and loved my employer, however I needed to keep my hours up in order to pay my bills. I felt like I was betraying my employer to look for a new job, but my gut, and bank account, were edging me in that direction. I had one phone interview, which lead to an in-person interview. I felt like I really nailed the position and there was a good potential for a job offer. Only slight caveat was that the job was up near NYC, about 2 hours from my home in the City. A few days after that interview I received an email from the manager, with whom I met, letting me know that they picked a candidate that was more local.  I was a little bit bummed, however, at the same moment I was contacted by a recruiter about a position slightly closer to me.  This second position was doing work slightly related to my current field/duties, but not exactly something I have a lot of knowledge in. When I went in for the interview I tried to sell my skills, but at the same time let the manager interviewing me know that I had no experience in what the position job duties called for. To my surprise he told me that he was looking for someone who DIDN’T have much experience in doing the tasks of the position, just someone with a strong background in my current field and an attention to detail. I left the interview not feeling like I was a good fit.  The commute was 90mins and I dismissed the idea of getting a job offer before I even got back to my car…… Turns out, the next day I was extended a job offer. LOL. I was totally floored, excited, and nervous all at once.  Shocked that even with no real experience they still made an offer, excited that I was offered a position where I could grow and climb the career ladder (I had hit close to the top with my old employer), and nervous that I was potentially jumping into something that might fall under “biting off more than you can chew” territory. Once I resigned with my old employer, my co-workers became distant, and it hurt. They all knew that the new position was a steadier income for me and that I really needed that. At time same time I missed them before I even had my last day…. The first week of the new job was tough. The learning curve is much bigger than I had imagined, yet I love the new information I am learning. I will admit there was one day I went to my new boss with concerns that I was not on the right track with my assignment, and I will admit I got teary eyed expressing that I was feeling a tad overwhelmed.  I think he realized the new tasks were slightly daunting and that even the most experienced person on the team was feeling the same way.  That really helped ease the concerns I had that I was a poor choice for the position. I am beyond happy that my boss has some strong blind faith in my work ethic, and that he’s giving me a huge opportunity to advance my career and knowledge by leaps and bounds. I can only hope now that someday I can catch up on the big pay cut I took just to get my foot back into being employed again. There is still a huge gap between what my earning potential is and what I actually bring home.
  • I did my taxes at the very last minute. I had done a lot of freelance work over the course of 2011 and used every penny to pay bills. I wasn’t able to put any of it aside for taxes. As tax day loomed my anxiety was skyrocketing. I was losing sleep, was feeling nauseous, and just overall scared to death that I’d owe with no way to pay back the government. I had my cousin do my taxes for me and it felt good to have someone I know help me out with them, really eased the anxiety I had. Turns out that I got a modest refund! I was absolutely floored. When the government finally sent me my refund check I quickly paid back the money I borrowed from DD’s savings account, paid up a few bills that I had been trying to catch up on, and even sent my lawyer a retainer. The rest went into, and get this, a savings account! Its not much in that account, but after 2 years it feels good to have a place to put money into again (well besides the checking account for once).
  • With the job change I drive about 100 miles a day. Its a long and painful drive riddled with lots and lots of traffic. I don’t mind driving a lot or far distances, but I HATE traffic with a passion. Even when I lived really close to work, anything that crawled along was like nails on a caulk board to me.  After a week at the new job and I was pulling my hair out. Also I was burning through about $120/week in gas. My car was a huge gas guzzler. When I purchased it, I did so since it was roomy enough to lug around strollers and other kid/baby gear. I felt that I was going to have more kids and getting a bigger car would be a good investment for a growing family. At the time of that purchase I lived 5 miles from my job and saving on gas mileage wasn’t a top priority. The gas guzzler came in handy on trips to the beach, driving the whole family around, and even when I needed to move (I moved all the boxes myself instead of getting a bigger moving truck). However, I was really feeling the pinch in my budget with the extra cost of driving. With gas being very close to $4/gallon in my area, and filling up twice a week, I was wondering if the new position was a good idea. I knew the hours were better and therefore added to my income, but I didn’t want the cost of driving to eat up that savings. So I looked into down-grading to something better on gas.  I went to a few dealerships, test drove a few dozen vehicles, and fell in love with the gas economy of a used hybrid. After some number crunching, tough negotiations, and a few hours of grueling torture spent in a showroom of a used car lot…. I drove home in a car with 50-mpg and not the guzzler (which had 15-mpg!…i know i know, I was killing the environment).  I am beside myself in shock, and can’t wait to start saving some mad cash. I do miss the cargo room of the guzzler, but I know in the long run this used hybrid is better for my needs now. I don’t need a huge car for a big family. Just something simple and easy to zip around in with my two kids.
Life changes in unexpected ways sometimes. Happiness is being able to flow with the ebbs and tides of change and making the most of the situations.  Change can be challenge, and very scary at times, but can also add to the source of happiness.

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