Suck it TMobile!

So as you can see by my Twitter feed this evening (pan to the right if you please ——>), I am having major major issues with my mobile phone carrier TMobile.

In the past few months I have been having increasing issues with reception and dropped calls. I also have to reboot my phone a few times a day, and sometimes it reboots itself. Last month I was missing texts (as by my sister still not speaking to me).

However, since 7pm on Monday I have not been able to make a phone call. I can get phones calls. I can get ans send text message, but I can’t make a damn phone call

My mobile phone is my primary number. I have no means to make phone calls otherwise. Since I can’t call Tech Support from home, I called when I got to work. After 45mins I was told the following:

  • My phone’s firmware is not only out of date, by over a year, but my phone is not updating itself (as its supposed to)
  • None of the TMobile stores has the capability to manually update my firmware for me, therefore I have to do this myself from my home computer.

So I went home, followed the instructions to back-up my contacts and data. Then installed the software I need to update my firmware. I ran the program, connected my phone AND

So I turned the phone off

Took out the battery

Booted up the phone and waited for the media scan to finish.

Booted up the software

Connected my phone


Yeah… you guessed it…..

I want an iPhone



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2 thoughts on “Suck it TMobile!

  1. Sorry- it appears I’m stalking your page today, but I’m not trying! I can’t help it, you’re cracking me up 🙂 I had TMobile- had the same problems, finally dissed them and got an iPhone. Hope yours had a happy ending too!

    • LOL, well mine had an ending, not the best, but I’ll take what I can get. I ended up fighting to get a free refurbished phone, which still has issues, but not as many as the old phone. For now I am just starting down the end of contract countdown.

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