Salsa Chicken

Next in my Single Mom Recipes series, is Salsa Chicken.  This recipe was partially inspired by the 4-pounds of chicken breast I had got on sale, but had to throw out because it went bad. It went bad because I wasn’t sure what to make with it, and I was never home to cook.  I was in the mood to cook something sweet today, but wanted something I could throw into my crockpot. A friend of mine once posted on Facebook that she made a salsa chicken recipe and it looked pretty good. I kept the idea tucked away until I could execute it.

A little disclaimer on this post, this is my recipe. I designed the recipe to be cooked in a crockpot. I am sure this recipe could be altered for stovetop or baking, but since I didn’t want to turn the stove on, I opted to slap this concoction into my crockpot. My crockpot has three settings, “LOW”, “HIGH”, and “OFF”. I hate my crockpot as  it often takes forever to cook something, or burns the hell out of it. I mostly use it to reheat meatballs or sliced roast-beef for parties. If anyone posts this recipe on their own blogs, please give me full credit. 


  • 2-pounds of boneless-skinless chicken thighs (I use thighs since its cheaper, $1.98/lb vs $4.68/lb, yeah a no-brainer)
  • 8-oz of your favorite salsa (I buy store brand and the only variety they had was Mild, I usually opt for Medium or Hot). Use more salsa is you want more sauce, but really I just used a half a jar and the resulting sauce was plenty.
  • 8 to 10-oz of Apricot preserve (I could not find plain apricot preserve in the store brand, so for this recipe I used their Pineapple Apricot preserve…thought the pineapple would be a nice twist, and I was right)
  • Handful of jalapeno pepper slices (I bought a jar of it and I guess I pulled out about 20 or so. Wanted to make up for the fact that all I could find was mild salsa). This ingredient is to taste and totally optional.
  • 2-tbsp of cornstarch (you can omit if you want salsa chicken soup, your choice).

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Place the chicken thighs in the crockpot.Top with jalapeno pepper slices
  2. In a small bowl mix together the salsa and the preserve. Add to chicken. Turn crockpot to high (see note above as to how I have no clue what temperature “High” is).
  3. After about 3 hours the chicken should be cooked (depending on your corckpot settings). At this point I added about 1-tbsp of cornstarch to some of the salsa broth I had put into a cup (probably about 2-3 tbsp worth). I blended the cornstrach into the salsa broth, then added it back into the crockpot. I switched the crockpot setting to “Low”
  4. After watching one Arrested Development episode of Netflix, I came back to check on my salsa chicken. The sauce seemed thin so I added another tablespoon of cornstarch (see step 3), and turned the setting back to “high”. Now, I suppose if I had forethought that 1-tbsp would not be enough I would have gone with 2 right off the bat.  I think next time I try this recipe I’ll add 2-tbsp at “Step 3” and eliminate “Step 4”. I will however keep the setting on “high”
  5. After another watching about a half of another episode of Arrested Development (and using the potty). The sauce was thickened and I turned the crockpot to “off”.
  6. I served this bad boy up with orzo (since I used my leftover rice in my rice pudding recipe)

(I took this picture after spooning out the serving in the picture at the top of this page)


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