Is that an Elephant in Your Pants

I wish I did a screen capture of this guy’s profile, it sounded all normal until the bit about being polyamorous. Even his main profile picture looked pretty normal. I do admit the polyamory was a HUGE red flag, but really nominated this guy to my Dating Wall of Degenerate Hopefuls page was this picture in his profile.


Yes, that picture really was in his profile.

Yes, I am not sure what is more disturbing, the close up to the crotch, or the fact he was erect during the taking of this picture.


3 thoughts on “Is that an Elephant in Your Pants

  1. OMG tell me this is a wind up, please 😉 Surely NO self-respective guy would ever think that such a picture could be a turn on to any woman?? Hilarious 🙂

    • Lol. Sadly, this guy is for real. Also if i remember correctly, was married. He had a dating profile looking for a girlfriend for himself and his wife to share…..kicking myself for not grabbing a screen capture of his profile.

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