Rain, Rain, GO AWAY

So, hmmm, trying to see the best way to put this without being blunt. My car, my new car, which was parked outside my home, was hit last night and the driver took off.

My car has some serious damage.

My car is not drivable

So, the story on my hit and run. I had my old friend (college roommate of 4 years) and her family over last night. With the 4 kids running around and the storm that was passing through I thought this loud crash was thunder, so I ignored it. My one neighbor stops over and points out that my car was hit and bad. Said it was a car of teenagers, who abandoned their car at the end of the block. So my friend’s husband runs down the block and grabs pictures of the other car, which had just as bad damage. He also noticed the inspection and registration expired in April/May.

A few moments later the police come and as I am giving info to them my friend’s husband notices that the owner(s) were back at the car which hit me. Police take off.

Just shortly after another one of my neighbors stops by and asks if I was the one hit by the car the police have detained. She tells me the drivers looked completely high/stoned/baked.

Police come back after 30mins and give me my police report. Good news in this was that the driver had insurance.

The damage to my car is this:

  • Body damage to the front passenger’s side
  • Front passenger’s side tire jammed into the wheel well (hub cap to shreds)
  • Front driver’s side tire flat due to being jammed into the curbing (hub cap smashed)
  • Scratching on back bumper from being pushed into the car parked behind me (which had no damage done by my car)

Today I had a follow-up call from my insurance company, turns out the adjuster can’t come out to look at my car until tomorrow (blah). My insurance company also said it will be a week or so before they can get a copy of the police report with all the insurance info they need (that is if they can’t get the insurance info from running the plates). Right now my choice is if I wait on their insurance to be contacted I might have my sad car sitting in front of my house for while, or bite the deductible and wait a year or so to get that money back, yeah, tough choice.

Normally living in the city I have everything I need easily within walking distance or by public transportation. My problem is D’s preschool is not accessible via public transportation and neither is my job interview tomorrow.  So I got a rental car.

Now its a waiting game to see how bad the damage to my car really is.  It being a hybrid with front end damage near the fuel cell, and what might appear to be a broken/cracked axle. Its not looking too good.

For me when it rains I seem to get a hit by a monsoon.


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