Moving and Shaking

Tomorrow I am attending my first blogger event with this blog. I have attended a few blogger events with my old blog and had a BLAST. I love the energy, the buzz of everyone socializing, networking, and one of the best perks, SWAG. Tomorrow’s event is a short ride away in New York City. I always have fun up in NYC and its been a long time since my feet hit the streets there. NYC is a lot like my home town except its much bigger. I never feel intimated when I am up and about there, just got lost more easily, lol.

The event tomorrow is the 2012 Samsung Appliance Showcase entitled “Making your House Work”.  The event’s panel includes  Patricia Heaton star of The Middle and Everybody Loves Raymond,  Julie Morgenstern “The Queen of Putting People’s Lives in Order”, Christina Stanley-Salerno a Blogger for Rachael Ray magazine online, and Liz Pryor Good Morning America’s parenting “advice guru”.

I think this event will not only make me soon over appliances, but I am looking forward to networking again. Blogging to me is very therapeutic, but going to blogger events is just another fun perk. Not only do you meet people who have great blogs too, but sometimes you discover new blogs and new products as well.

I plan to Tweet my happenings at the event tomorrow. Be sure to follow me and #SamsungHA. Who knows, maybe I will be able to network myself into some great swag for a give-a-way.


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