Swing, and a miss…

Now that I am all rested up from my first blogger event as “Single City Mom”, I can finally post a little about it. A little disclaimer though, no one approached me, nor asked me to write a review. This review post is being done purely on my own as a means of just expression.

I have been to other blogger and media events in the past. Most are a blast. I usually enjoy socializing and networking the most, followed by great information, followed by swag. The Samsung “Making You House Work” event in the simplest of terms was a huge let down. HUGE.

Let me take you on a little journey, shall we.

First, it was fun to get a swanky press pass, minus any information on who I really was or represent. The pass with just my name on it only identified me as a “mom” or “consumer”, no one knew I was a blogger or if I represent a voice for others.

Patricia Heaton was the guest and I swear I did not even recognize her. I also had a hard time getting a good picture of her despite being only a few rows from the front.

The gist of the event was to showcase Samsung’s new spring appliances that are aimed at making the lives of “moms” easier. The specifically pointed out their new and improved french door refrigerator that boasts not only 32-cubic feet of storage (or equivalent to 32 bags of groceries), but an LCD display that has apps for Google Calendar, Pandora, recipe websites, weather, and a grocery organizer that tells you when you food in the fridge has spoiled.  Yeah I admit, I had fridge envy, esp since the one that came with my place I rent is about 20 years old. The more panel talked about how wonderful this refrigerator made their lives, the more out of place I felt. I really felt I was not the intended market, despite being a busy single mom trying to balance it all.  I went on Samsung’s website and found the 28-cubic foot version of the same refrigerator. This smaller version is retailing for $3,699. Yes, I was NOT the intended audience, as this refrigerator is about third of my annual salary. Seems like appliances of the future availble today, won’t even be affordable to me in the future.

Next up, was the very brief discussion on the washer and dry set that, and this was the only feature discussed, you can program from your smartphone. Poking around I think I found the washer and dryer on Samsung’s website, no pricing available (figures). The most expensive washer/dryer available by Samsung retail for about $1,499-$1,599, and they don’t have this LCD and programming feature. Samsung added about $300 for the LCD feature on their comparable refrigerators, so I am guessing it might be the same additional cost for the washers and dryers. Given this estimation the washer-dryer pair could cost about $4,000?

The event included lunch, but all in all lasted about an hour. I left there thinking I spent about 4 hours in commuting for a live TV commercial and a free lunch.

This event stressed appliances that made my life easier, by freeing up time, giving me reminders, having lots of information at my fingertips, and possibly saved me money. But the way this unemployed single mom looked at it was an advertisement for products that cost more than I make annually. Even though I love learning about cool technology, I may never in my lifetime see a point where I can afford to own these appliances.  I totally felt like a fish out of water. Me showing up looking over thousands of dollars worth of technology integrated appliances in my $12 dress from Walmart.

I realized what could make my life easier, a sugar daddy… didn’t see any of those on Samsung’s website though.


3 thoughts on “Swing, and a miss…

  1. Thanks for the honest review. Done well without bashing. I’m chuckling to think of running the Washer/dryer from my smart phone. I mean a smart phone I don’t even own. Who will put the laundry in and switch it from washer to dryer while I’m out living my carefree life? Honestly, the one biggest innovation would be a machine that both washes AND dries. Yes, these exist, but only in Europe, not in the US. I suspect no one is working on these because companies perceive they would cut their revenue in half if they were only selling one appliance. Wanna make my laundry life easier? Cut out steps. Maybe you and I should make this happen. Ready to start another business?

    • I could never bash a product I never had the first hand experience to use (for example of the Samsung cell phone that I am about to go all Office Space on). I think the products at this showcase were very COOL, very desirable, but totally out of my budget by light years. I suspected this might happen, but hoped there would be other cool techy stuff there. They showcased the refrigerator, washer, and dryer. Stoves, other washers and dryers, and some vacuums were also on-site, but that was about it.

      Its funny, I have a smartphone, set up with all sorts of calendar reminders, yet I still manage to miss appointments, LOL. I will admit that a reminder to that many laundry cycle is done is cool, but among the sea of other notifications beeping on my phone, its bound to get missed and what’s the point after that, LOL.

      Its funny you mention the dual washer-dryer, I said the same thing over lunch with a few other bloggers I met up with at the event. Totally jealous that it already exists and not in my neck of the woods. To me a dual washer dryer is perfect for my needs. I don’t even need it to fold anything since half the time I never really do. Most of the time my clean laundry sits in the basket until I need the basket to wash dirty laundry, by then its only a handful of items to fold. Hahaha.

      I totally would love to brainstorm ideas, but right now I am contemplating moving to Europe to get my hands on one of those dual washer-dryers!

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