The Great Skate Caper

So being energetic and enthusiastically about losing weight, as I always do the first week or so of the diet, I had the great idea of trying out for the local Roller Derby team.  Before DD was born I wanted to join a derby team, but only chickened out when I found out I was pregnant.  One of the billboards in town is an ad for the local Roller Derby team and every time I saw it, it just made me want to try out again.  For me exercising has to be fun for me to keep up with it. I know roller skating would be an awesome workout, and Roller Derby just looks so kick ass fun. Exercise and blowing off steam? Yes, please!

I checked the local team’s website and they go over the type of skills that are needed and recommended that anyone interested in trying out should practice their skills, esp if they have not skated in a long time. They also mentioned that you don’t have to be fit to try out for the team since different body shapes are preferred for different positions. Reading all this just got me excited and eager to get on a pair of skates.

Except I don’t have a pair of skates.

Cue up Craigslist!

I hop on Craigslist and type in “roller skates” in the search box. Third item down was this ad


SIZE=== 7 1/2 OR 8–LEATHER


First the skates were my size. They were also used and broken in. Lastly, they were vintage right from the heyday of Roller Derby. I thought I scored a jackpot, the problem was the introductory price of $59, which was too steep for me. Taking the sign of “or best offer” I email the seller and offer $25.

She came back and balked at me saying, “NO, THEY ARE VINTAGE AND SELL FOR MORE.   NEW ONES SELL FOR EVEN MORE, MUCH MORE”.  So I replied back indicating that I saw she mentioned $30 OBO in her posting. Over a series of emails (too many to post up here) she indicates that the $30 OBO was posted by mistake and that the skates were $59 firm. She also mentioned that she was going to take down/edit the post taking the OBO off.  After a little bit of research I learned that the Chicago brand skate is a pretty inexpensive brand. You can get them new for $43 at Walmart, or for $59 from a  specialty store. I politely turned her down because there is no way I am paying $59 for a pair of 30-yr old roller skates, esp since I can get them new for less (and I told her this). But, this seller keeps insisting that something that is old and in decent condition warrants being called “vintage”, and therefore has a mark-up equivalent to current market price of new skates. Better yet, she thinks vintage economy brand is “collectible” (Thank you Storage Wars and Pawn Stars for educating me on these distinctions! I knew all those hours watching re-runs on Netflix wasn’t for naught.).

I keep going back to craigslist and looking at these skates. The $30 OBO is still listed and part of me just can’t stop laughing at this seller. However, part of me just can’t let this go.

So I email the seller again using a different email account of mine (I have three, my personal one, one I use for professional use/jobs/resume, and one for this blog. I get two emails in response, first one saying “NO, IT IS A MISTAKE, SORRY, THEY ARE $59.00 FIRM  THX”. The second email saying “—THAT DOES NOT SAY THAT IN THE AD U MUST GO BACK AND READ IT –IT SAYS $59.00”

So call me crazy, and to prove I am not making up the “or best offer” part, does this ad for the vintage roller skates not list “OBO”, or do I need new glasses.

Looks like I am sucking it up and getting the ones from Walmart for $43.


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