Art of Design

I really really wish I knew how to do coding and other computer technical things.  As true to ADD fashion, I have grown bored with the look and design of my blog.


It seems like every 3-4 months I stumble upon a layout or feature I see on another blog and I want it too. Or I see a cool layout and think how awesome it is, then I want it too.  What also gets me is seeing custom buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest, and I think to myself,what do I have to give to get THAT.

This format and design envy usually leads to a few days of looking over the free themed layouts that WordPress has to offer. I never find one that is exactly what I want, but in the end I pick the one that is the least annoying to my eye at the time.

Hence why my site looks a little different right now.

Yet its still not what I want and I really wish I could just custom design it myself. I think I might have to breakdown and get a software program that will allow me to do so instead of being at the mercy of these limiting, not so cool, you are twisting my arm, WordPress themes.

Until I get my hands on such software……


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