Mastering Sand


A few weeks ago (yes, even I can’t believe how far behind I am on my posts) I went Blogger Beach Bash hosted by one of my fellow blogging moms, Joey Fortman of Real Mom Media. It was hosted at the Golden Inn hotel in Avalon, NJ. Joey and the Golden Inn sponsored having Matt Long of the Travel Channel’s Sand Masters show come in to do a little demo for us.

Looking at Matt’s sand creations and I was at total awe of what you can do with sand. You see pictures of these amazing sculptures and you usually think, “no way is that made of sand” or “can you get sand to really do THAT”. At the Blogger Beach Bash, I not only got to see some of these types of sculptures up close and personal, but also got to see a little demo done by one of the Masters.


Before Matt did his demo for the group, he told us about the sand sculpting kit he designed so that anyone can sculpt their own castle masterpieces. You can find his kit on his website, called Can You Dig It. In his demo he stressed the importance of using LOTS of water and layering the sand before you sculpt.



Matt made sand sculpting look easy. VERY easy. I left the Blogger Beach Bash with a “Can You Did It” Super Deluxe kit in hand and ready to take on the sand the next time I set my toes in the sand.

It just so happens that the following week Mr. Teacher had invited me to spend a few days at the beach with him and his Daughter “K”. I think I packed my sand sculpting kit before I had anything else packed, lol.

I think “K” started to bug Mr. Teacher about making sand castles with my kit before I even had a chance (love that kid). The three of us dove right in until our elbows were up in the sand. Layering the sand. Adding lots and lots of water. More layering.

I have to say… that deluxe Can You Dig It kit, its AWESOME. Never have I had so much success and fun making sandcastles. Each times I used the kit on a new castle it got easier and looked a hell of a lot better. Let me take you on our sandcastle journey.

Here is the first castle. All three of us layered the sand, but “K” grew bored when the sculpting began. I was the sculptor and Mr. Teacher built and decorated the moat.


We had so much fun making this castle that after a quick swim in the ocean, we made a second castle. We also realized that even though we used tons of water the first time, it still wasn’t enough (as evidenced by the crumbling turret in the picture above). Below is attempt No. 2.


Here are the Twin Towers… which did turn a few heads and earned us a few “looks great”, and a “how did you do that?”

The next day we had to try making another castle. It was not only a fun challenge, but incredibly fun to do. This time we used twice as much water and I think the 3rd castle was the best one that we made.


I loved how this 3rd castle turned out. We even had a few people take a picture of it (I think at that moment I started to consider becoming a professional sand sculptor, LOL).

Overall, had a blast at the Blogger Beach Bash. Sand Master Matt was awesome. The Golden Inn was a wonderful host, and a gorgeous hotel. I hear they are having a promo for a girlfriends weekend getaway (worth $1,000). I know I sure could use it. Yes the R-&-R would be awesome, but I think I need more practice mastering the sand castles.


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