I have had a really big smile on my face all morning. Remember in my post entitled At a Crossroads where I mentioned I was working on some freelance writing gigs, well I had one of my test articles published today!

The article I wrote was published this morning on Scoop Post, a news and story platform site. My article was entitled What Makes a Single Mom, which focused on what I felt was one of the important factors behind being a single mom. This article is not only my first born, but one that I put a lot of thought and and raw emotion into.

Since I started as an reporter/writer for Scoop Post, I intend on writing more articles soon for the single mom and single parent community. I will still be blogging, but may just keep the content here more personal and free spirited, we’ll see. I don’t intend on cutting back or eliminating my blogging, especially since this blog means so much to me.

I did create a new page on this blog called Published Workswhere I am posting links to any and all of my published articles. So please check back often to locate my articles.

In the meantime, please go read and VOTE on my What Makes a Single Mom article. The voting part is especially important since the more votes my articles get, the better my contributor rating is, and I would love to make my debut a smashing success.


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