Multi-tasking and cooking up a storm

My regular readers may have noticed that I have been posting more often lately, and oddly enough, posting recipe posts. I feel like I owe a slight explanation about all that. First, I have picked up a set of freelance jobs for the company that I do some temp work from time to time. This type of work can be my bread and butter when it comes in on a regular basis. Its not only what I am trained to do, but it pays me well. When my office contacted me about doing a series of temp assignments I knew I’d have my hands full for about 2-3 weeks.

Second, thanks to the local food pantry and the mini-farmer’s stand near my house, I have had lots of fresh produce in the house. The fresh produce can be more than I can eat at times, so I have been trying to find new ways to cook them up without feeling bored by eating the same items time after time. Having all this produce around has been inspiring me to cook more. Since I was low on posts for this blog I decided to turn many of these recipe experiments into blog posts. Now I don’t consider recipe posts to be the main stay of this blog, but I do like posting them up for my readers to enjoy. I do apologize if my readers feel like I am bombarding everyone with all these recipes, but since I have been cooking up a storm and needing posts, I feel like I have been killing two birds with one stone.

But, I am not just about recipe posts. I do have a few exciting posts coming up. One being my first giveaway, which I am very excited about. (Look for this to post sometime this weekend or next week). The other up-and-coming post is a review for a cool software product I had a chance to test (also very excited about that), which should be posting on Monday.

Other things going on in my life, well, other than working I had some time to hit up a concert and spend some time in the gym. I also seemed to pick up this mystery rash last week that I have no idea where I got it from. It kind of looks like a cross between being eaten alive by mosquitoes and an allergic reaction. I saw a doctor on Monday and she seems to think that, given that the kids don’t have it and that it seems localized to my legs and abdomen, its probably an allergic reaction to something. Given that it itches like a mo-fo, she prescribed an oral steroid to help dry it up. Let me tell you if you have never taken an oral steroid for a rash its the weirdest feeling in the world. First, I feel like I have tons of energy. Second, I feel so focused yet I can’t sit still. Not only have I written a few scheduled posts, but I did some report writing for my temp assignments (with the kids home), cooked two recipes (to be posting later this week), cleaned the entire house (and I mean the whole thing, top to bottom, mopping, toilet scrubbing, vacuuming, AND with the kids home), and cleaned my microfiber couch (which I only do if something bad spills, special occasions, or I am just totally grossed out by it). Yet, I still feel like I could take on more tasks. This feeling kind of reminds me of how that guy in the movie Limitless described being on that drug he took. You feel so focused, your head so clear, and somehow your eyes feel so open and awake… Yeah, totally doubt I am going to get rest tonight. HAHA.


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