Brewing up, Blowing down, and lots of Finger crossing

I am in a strange mood today. Now, I know its been a long time since I wrote a post from the heart. Many of you are probably thinking that I am now a foodie blogger with all the recipes I have been posting. Well, life has been ubber crazy for me these past few weeks. See, just as my give-a-way started I discovered that my house was infested with fleas. I have two indoor cats, whom I’ve had for the last 7-10 years, and they have NEVER had fleas before. So when I saw the signs of a flea problem on them, I never really knew it was fleas until the kids and I were under attack. That was three weeks ago, and to make a long story short (because I will be writing an epic post about my flea battle), I am still waging the war on the fleas. Luckily I had some scheduled posts of recipes I wrote and they posted while my hands were involved in the war (plus a quick- turn-around freelance job that landed in my inbox). Even though my blog looked like I was writing active posts, I have to admit a small blogger secret, they were posts I wrote in advance for times where I could not attend to writing a live post. (I also just ran out of scheduled posts too, lol).

While I have been quiet over here I do have a few things I want to quickly share.

First, I won a make-over through a contest called Style Me Hired. I get a new outfit for interviews, a resume review, and a make-over (which I go to tomorrow). Then attend a job workshop and fair on Monday. With all that I have been through with the fleas (vacuuming the house daily is a form of torture), I am soooo looking forward to the make-over. My highlights do need a touch up and my hair has been needing an overhaul. I am tempted to post before and after pictures of the make-over, but I admit I am feeling camera shy. If any of you think I should post up a few pictures of the make-over, please post a comment to cheer (aka, nudge) me on.

Second, I have a job interview on Wednesday. Even though I have the job fair on Monday, I am actually looking forward to the job interview I have scheduled. Now, I do hope to get some tips from the workshops, and a few leads on jobs too, however this interview on Wednesday is a position in my background. Not to mention the company I am interviewing with will allow me to work purely from home (the office is over 2 hours from me now). A friend of mine works for them and in the past she helped me score some freelance assignments for another employer she used to work for. I am hoping she can work her magic and get my ass hired!

Third, I flea bomb the house again this weekend. Note I said AGAIN, I flea bombed the house a week ago and I am still finding fleas (yes, yes, I will explain more in my epic post soon to come). My god, I hope it works this time! The daily ritual needed to combat the fleas takes about 3 hours (it would take close to 2, but sometimes I get so tired and stressed out I start to cry, and that just slows the whole process down, LOL). I am so looking forward to having my old routine back again.

Forth, I am kid-free this weekend, and my god, do I need it.


3 thoughts on “Brewing up, Blowing down, and lots of Finger crossing

  1. I feel for you that you have a flea problem. I truly hope that you can take care of that- before you rip your hair out in frustration. Also- congrats on the job interview- I hope you get it! And PLEASE DO post before and after pictures 🙂

    • I was actually given this remedy, but to use outside in the yard. I have been tempted to try it, but my cats (and sometimes kids) don’t really spend time in the yard. Plus, I have been so focused on vacuuming and cleaning the house I all but forgot to treat the yard, LOL.

      The only thing I will say about DE is this, it’s supposed to work just like Borax and Baking soda, which in all honesty is not as effective as traditional pesticides. I know you are probably wondering how I came to that conclusion, but trust me I will explain all this in my flea post (I know I teased this enough, LOL).

      Thank you for the good vibes for my interview! I am very nervous!

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