When there are NO words

Tonight I was enjoying a kid-free evening and on nights like this I like to numb my brain in an effort to relax by playing a little round of Quickmatch on OkCupid.  Most of the time its just same old plain basic profile after basic profile, but once in awhile I stumble on a profile where I just can’t help but read and re-read in effort to figure out if its for real (and I use the word real loosely).

Normally I like to do a little bit of a commentary of the profiles I add to my Dating Wall of Degenerate Hopefuls, but the one I am posting tonight just has no words. Plus I don’t think it needs any words (I am sure you’ll see why in a moment).

The only intro to the profile below is take note of my match search settings, no really, take a good look right now.

OK, now that you saw what my search settings are take a look below, but please keep in mind the first bullet point.

I think this last little bit of the profile sums up everything you might be thinking and more.


2 thoughts on “When there are NO words

    • What I also find interesting is, I never thought there were many women who want to date cross-dressing men. It was really hard to tell if this person considered himself a guy who likes to dress as a woman… or a woman stuck in a man’s body. On the dating site they seem to market to both groups.

      I think I just need to take a break on the Quickmatch, lol

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