Ladies love the torso

I always wondered the thought process guys take when they choose pictures to add to their dating profile. All the dating sites instruct you to post pictures clearly showing your face, then add pictures of you either doing an activity you love or   in a social setting that shows your personality. About the half the time a guy will post one or two pictures of themselves without a shirt (with or without flexing). I see so many half naked pictures that its not worth posting them all up on my Dating Wall of Degenerate Hopefuls for my blogging enjoyment.

On rare occasions a guy will just post a picture of just a torso. NO face. NO body. Nothing but a torso. The picture below was from a profile that not only had the single torso photo, but his profile was blank. Its as if he thought women would come flocking Axe-spray style at just the mere sight of his torso. HAHA. Just the single half naked profile picture is what got his profile nominated to my Dating Wall of Degenerate Hopefuls for breaking Rule No. 5- Half naked profile pictures.

Average at best, right?


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