Getting out the Bottles

When I stumbled upon the following profile I wasn’t sure which rule it broke on my Dating Wall of Degenerate Hopefulls. I think it was a good tie between breaking Rule 8- Lives with Parents, and breaking one not yet covered.

This guy’s profile had only two pictures, and both pictures were basically from the same location. I could never tell if the picture was taken in a bedroom, bathroom, or maybe the kitchen? I really found it hard to tell what room this guy was in because I was distracted by the thousands of bottles. If you look carefully you can see bottles not only in the background (reflection in mirror), but also in the foreground (take note along the bottom of the photo, as well on the shelf to the right). I don’t have OCD, but the dust is making me feel itchy too, LOL.

Its like a snap shot of Hoarders; episode bottle collector.


2 thoughts on “Getting out the Bottles

  1. Okay, that’s totally hilarious. I first saw your blog earlier today and then had to drop by tonight to see if there was anything else to peruse and these degenerate dating profiles are a gem.

    Thinking about it now, this type of blog entry isn’t something a guy could do, because the women’s profiles I’ve seen, even those that I’m totally uninterested in, never seem to be this stupid. I mean I have no idea how this guy could possibly think he’s going to get replies with a picture like that. Yet almost all of the profile pictures I’ve seen seem to do a great job of showing her in her best possible pose. One I saw today I almost messaged the woman to just compliment her on an amazing picture (even though her profile pretty much rules her out for me). She really did an amazing job and everybody is going to click on that one, and it isn’t because she is super-model pretty but it was just well-done.

    So I guess my point is that while it probably can be grating for you to see this kind of nonsense, in a way I’m jealous because at least you can get a good laugh from the profiles of some of the people who aren’t good matches. Where’s the comedy gold for us men? LOL.

    Anyways, thanks for giving me a little comic relief and a perspective on how these sites work for the women involved. I wish you the best in your search for a good guy. Hopefully you’ll find someone who encourages your writing because you do have an eye for good material. Godspeed!

    • Chris,… I have guys tell me similar stories, lol. I usually try to return compliments when a guy is nice about liking something on my profile.

      I am actually really really far behind on blog posts. So many bad dates I need to talk about… among other things. lol

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