Never State the Obvious

This installment onto my Dating Wall of Degenerate Hopefuls is going to be a quick one (kids are non-stop up my ass and they know when I sit down within 30-seconds of my ass hitting the chair).

I ventured onto eHarmony a month ago and have been talking to a few people on and off. So far I don’t really feel anything for any of the people I am in contact with. Most seem to just seem a bit boring and I can’t tell if they really are boring or if I am just tired of reading the same generic profile. Needless to say, I am not dismissing anyone outright and have been checking out those who have contacted me.

The most recent one initially broke Rule No. 9 on my list (never really sees kids). He filled his profile out as “I don’t have kids”, but all of his profile pictures contain a boy around the age of 7 or so. I had thought maybe a nephew or something until I read further down in his profile that he had a son who lived in Florida. He said he goes down once a month to see his son and had hoped his match would understand that. Now I don’t want to come off as judgmental  but I do understand that long distance between you and your child must be very hard. I think its great that this guy is making a huge effort to see his son. I am sure emotionally and financially it must be a huge challenge. Given this I responded to his contact communication request to me.

If you are not familiar with eHarmony, communication between two people starts off as a series of multiple choice questions, then you send each other a list of 1o Must Have and 10 Can’t Stand traits in a relationship, then your send a few opened ended questions, THEN you can send emails to each other. Its a long process and so far once I got to the email stage I was even more bored with the person, LOL.  Ok, so back to my story…

With this guy I mentioned above, when we got to the Must Have/Can’t Stand list stage what struck out most clearly was this:

I think its safe to say that every guy wants a woman who they feel is great in bed.  No guy is going to go out of his way for a girl who sucks in bed, LOL. Saying you want someone who is “sexually knowledgeable” is stating the obvious and coming off as a creep.

So take note guys, sometimes stating the obvious is not a good thing, and in this case was a HUGE a turn off.


3 thoughts on “Never State the Obvious

  1. Agreed. And I’m a guy. I recently got that on the list of wants from a woman I had messaged and I ended up just ending the conversation right there. Who knows, maybe that was a mistake, but it just gave me the impression that this might be the type of person who would want to jump into bed right away and I’m not comfortable with that. Yep, that’s right, there’s some guys who actually want to be in love before they sleep with somebody.

  2. I was just matched with a guy who wrote “sexually knowledgable” too. I immediately closed the match. It just made me think he was only after sex.

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