I know that I have been a little quiet in the social media world. I even let my blog get taken over by a slew of scheduled posts again. (I am fresh out of those scheduled posts again too).

I have been quiet because I have been working, and by working I don’t mean freelance jobs that I have been getting by on when they sauntered up, but I mean working as in, I was offered a full time job!


I wanted to post the news about my job offer soon after it was made, but I wanted to post my good news after working my first day, which was earlier this week. I know, I know. Its Saturday and I am just getting around to posting about my job news. I admit I didn’t want to wait this long, but I didn’t expect my new employer to hand me 3-4 assignments on my first day either,lol. This week has been a whirlwind and this is the first moment I have been able to sit down and do something my my laptop that isn’t related to “work”.

So job details!

Remember I mentioned in my Style Me Hired post about an interview I had set up a few days after the event? Well, about a week after that interview I had an offer letter pop up in my inbox. I was beyond ecstatic!  After over 3.5 years of being unemployed I almost didn’t think I was hire-able anymore, and with a salary comparable to my peers at that. As if the offer for full time employment wasn’t enough to get excited over, but the position I took has me working from home exclusively. The company even issued my a company laptop, gave me a multi-task printer/scanner/fax machine, a blackberry, and they pay for my internet and office supplies. I literally pinched myself when I found out all the little extra details about my position.

My first week has been very fast paced, so much so that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed 3 days in. I did some catching up last night and today, so slowing that uneasiness is going away. Now that the excitement phase is over, the nervousness has stepped in. I will admit that even though I have about 10 years experience doing this line of work, I am so nervous to hand in my first assignment. LOL. I guess its a normal feeling to have when you start a new job.

My new job does require a lot of my attention, but I don’t plan on giving up or slowing down my blog posts. I might have to rely on some old works and scheduled posts for bit, but blogging and writing is something that has become a very important part of whom I have become post-divorce.


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