First for Everything

This installment to my Dating Wall of Degenerate Hopefuls is a total first for me. I do want to put in a disclaimer that I in no way find this profile or the people/men/women who chose this lifestyle offense. I am liberal enough to accept that to each their own and more power to you. However, I never expected this “type” of profile to pop up in my OkCupid Quickmatches.

Well, let me post the pictures and the profile before I explain further.

What does MYPD stand for?


Just wow… and WOW. I mean its not every day you see someone admit that they can’t do without hooker boots and horse hung guys. I mean, totally speechless  but at the same time I can’t help but laugh and give a standing ovation. More power to him/her for calling it how they see it.

And yes, this was the only information posted on this person’s profile.


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