Something Just Feels Right


I know my blog has been a little quiet lately. I can tell by my drop in stats, that traffic around here has died down a bit and I think I might spy a few cobwebs off in the corner there. However, on the eve of 2013 I can’t pass up to put up my last post for 2012.

Lately work has me swamped. Its funny, one minute I was dying for work, looking for anything, even clean houses for a few weeks over the summer. I was aching to get back to work. Then I land a great job that has me so busy that I feel burned out sometimes.  Since I started my new job I have been putting in between 50-60 hours each week. Its got to the point that if I find myself not working on work after hours or on the weekend, I feel like I am slacking, LOL.

Each year when I blogged I rang in the new year with a post full of hope, lots of good wishes, and crossed fingers. This year I wanted to ring in 2013 with a little story of hope and a look into a future of change.

About a year and a half ago when I put my house on the market I bought this bottle of champagne. I told myself I’d save it for something worth celebrating. Something to signify that I was finally on the right path after all the shit my ex-husband put me through and the divorce.

When my house sold I wanted to drink it, but something didn’t feel right.

When I moved out of my house I wanted to drink it, but again, didn’t feel right. Even when I moved into the new place 5 months later it still didn’t feel right.

When I got my steady temp job, or the full time temp job, and eventually the full-time regular job I just wasn’t feeling those were the right occasions either.

But tonight something feels right.

My divorce might not be completely final, but I have survived and grew stronger.

I lost my home, but I have a job again. For the first time in 3 years, I was able to buy my kids Christmas gifts, rather than repackage hand-me downs.

I lost a few friends and don’t have anyone special in my life, but learned several valuable lessons along the way.

The coming of 2013 for some reason just feels right, so much so that I broke out my good toasting flute for the first time ever.

My life has really changed in big ways in 2012. I moved, I got re-employed, even found some brief stints with love. I also started to lose weight and make some healthy changes (though work stress set me back a bit on all that right now, but baby steps). My blog is doing well, and I even had a freelance article get published.

So here’s to kissing 2012, and the last 3 years of hell good-bye!


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