My name is Violet, well its not in real life, but many of my online friends and extended family affectionately call me Violet, and its a name that I can’t bear to part with.  I have a preschool-aged daughter who I like to refer to as “D” and a toddler-aged son who I call “S”.  A few months ago the kids and I moved out of the marital house I shared with my ex-husband and into a simple space in the City.  I grew up in the City and moving back was chance to be closer to family and get back on my feet after my divorce.

My blog is a little bit of musings, little bit of reflecting on my life (past and present), little bit of venting, and a little glimpse into dating again.

I try to keep a fun and humorous look on my life now. Once in a while when stress gets to me I get moody and then vent on my blog. Other times I might get a little lonely or get bummed after a bad date/break-up and then just babble it all out on my blog. I try to be open and honest with my feelings since it feels good to do so. I just change the names to protect the innocent.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. You are my new best friend. I was searching for single-dad recipes and your site not only gave me more than I needed, it really made me laugh – especially the “This FRESH SAUCE is one bad mother… SHUT YOUR MOUTH! I’m just talkin’ ’bout my PASTA SAUCE” – OMG I could not stop saying that over and over again and cracking up! Thank you so much for sharing. My kids thank you, my waistline thanks you, my arteries thank you. I’ll come back here and let you know how they worked out.

    • LOL. Thank you. I really do miss blogging about my recipe adventures. I apologize for getting back to you comment. I feel horrible that I left it hanging for so long. Hopefully I can get a few more recipes up now that I am back.

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