Feed the Birds

I had worked for my former employer for 4 wonderful years. After 8 years of working in that industry I was thrilled to find a job with a company that made me happy to get up and go to work every day. In that former life I was an Environmental Consultant (and a damned good one, may I add). Life was good, I had a job I loved, a family, and owned my own home.

Then the economy took a hit and my clients cut back on needing my services. My employer kept me on payroll for as long as they could, then laid off half of my department. Shortly thereafter my marriage was hanging by the threads, and then I found myself not only unemployed, but divorced. Its been three years since I hit the unemployment ranks and I have been unable to find full time employment in and out of my career field. For the time being I get by on freelance assignments from my former employer, clean houses, odd jobs like babysitting, and charity (food banks, etc.). Some months I get by, other times I have to pick and choose what bills get paid and which can wait.

To help supplement my income I have been trying to pursue some virtual assistant positions, freelance writing, and whatever else I can do to work from home. I would love more than anything to be able to turn blogging into a full time successful career, but like any career it takes lots of hard work, persistence, and patience.

To help further my efforts to grow my experience and expertise into the wonderful world of professional blogging and becoming a social media maven, I am taking one more step into the limelight and offering myself For Hire.

My professional social media objective is to gain a challenging position that allows for professional growth and development in social media as a freelance writer. I have been an active blogger since December 2011, and a part time blogger since 2008. I have experience in both the WordPress and Blogger platforms. I am active in using Facebook and Twitter, but also have experience in other social media platforms including Google+ and Pinterest.

I would be more than happy to review products and services, act as a brand ambassador, as well as provide guest posts and columns in any topic. For examples of my published writing samples, check out my published works page. I am open to any and all inquires please do not hesitate to contact me at singlecitymom@gmail.com. No job pays or offers too little. In the words of Mary Poppins, all it takes is just a tuppons to feed the birds.


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