Published Works

I love writing. Ever since I started to blog I discovered how therapeutic it was to write. How uplifting and sensational it felt to see my thoughts flowing in print form. How fun it can be to tickle words playfully.

My journey into my love of writing was a long and unexpected one. In college I had professors tell me that my writing not only lacked creativity, but was as boring as reading a telephone book. Back then I was a science major and I only knew how to do scientific writing. Creative writing and ornate descriptions were a set absent from science world. Scientific writing is stoic, sterile, and unbiased. Scientific writing is to black-and-white, as creative writing is to infinite pallet of colors.  Once I started to work in an industry that required me to clearly describe historical scenarios, I had to learn to think more creatively. Working over 10-years in that industry really helped me hone and fine tune that creative side.

I love writing for my blog, but I am always looking for ways to further cultivate my creative writing style. It was at this point that I looked into freelance writing and guest posting. I am very proud of the wide range my voice can cover, but once I publish on another site, I can’t publish it to my blog too. I created this page to keep a collection of my published works not contained elsewhere in this blog.

I hope all my readers enjoy my other works. Please do not hesitate to explore the sites that I have contributed to. I have been very grateful for the opportunities to write for them and want to spread the love.


What Makes a Single Mom, Scoop Post 8/8/2012


3 thoughts on “Published Works

  1. I read your What Makes a Single Mom… as a fellow single mother, I couldn’t agree more!!! It has been a true blessing for me to have an amazing support system, with both my children! In my writings/blogging I cannot stress that enough. Well put and very lovely article!! 🙂

    • Thank You so much. I admit it took me 3 days of writing that article. I would start, stop, think for a few hours, come back, edit, write, etc.

      I need to get cracking on more articles. Got to keep the streak going, lol.

  2. Yes… I know the feeling… In addition to my blog (which I hate to have neglected a bit lately), I blog for Chockababy bi-weekly. I’ve recently moved on to mainly cover subjects/issues all related to single motherhood… I tell you, I felt there was SO much to write, but that block and decision making on what to actually put down is really getting me. lol. I KNOW there is plenty to write about… just have to put my thoughts together I guess. 🙂 Best to you!

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