Bass Buds

When I stumbled upon writing a review for BassBuds I was in the market for a new set of earbuds for my iPod. My last pair was something I picked up in the checkout line in Target. They were cheap, convenient  pink, and fit marginally better than the crap earbuds that Apple gives you when you purchase an iPod. I have had my old earbuds for about 5 years now and they were beginning to become long overdue to be replaced.

Now, I had never heard of BassBuds before, so I admit I was more taken in by the Swarovski crystal accents before I started to read up on the product’s features (this girl get distracted by shiny bling, what can I say). However, when I reviewed the product features on BassBud’s website, I was overly giddy with anticipation for my earbuds to arrive in the mail. Two weeks felt like an eternity! Here’s why…

  • Intergrated Microphone with Call/MP3 Controller
  • Answer/End Call Control
  • Play/ Pause your MP3 Player
  • Skip Forwards and Backwards through your music
  • Activate voice control commands.
  • Compatible with all Smart Phones
  • Crystal-clear HD audio via the Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology
  • Precision-cut, high quality, light-weight and balanced aluminium housing
  • Anti-Tangle, durable, double-wrapped cable
  • FREE Stylish and Protective Storage Bag
  • FREE Black, White and Memory Foam Earbuds in 3 sizes
  • Gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack for optimum connectivity
  • One of the largest earphone color ranges in the world!

I won’t lie, I never knew earbuds could have features, lol. Again, I waited patiently for my buds to arrive so I could see if this product really lived up its description.

And then I had a little package arrive!

Nice little box…

Then I opened said little package…


…I checked out its contents…

(good thing I just got a manicure)

…and popped these bad boys into my ears.

(you have no idea how hard it is to take a picture of your ear, lol)

….and just WOW!

Once I popped these buds into my ears I was in love. I barely felt them! They were beyond comfortable to the point that I began to worry that the little foam/silcone disks would get stuck in my ears and that I’d be making a trip to the ER to retrieve them (which was a good thing they didn’t since I really was trying to save my cash for some Black Friday shopping).

Then after plugging the buds into my iPod, I turned it on using the little answer/end call switch (which also serves as n on/off switch when used with your iPod) located on the cording. This switch has become my favorite BassBud feature. Then I realized that digital music can sound awesome outside of listening through a stereo speaker. I was totally floored by the sound quality. Actually, I never really even knew iPods had a good sound quality?!! Here it was my crappy earbuds trashing my experience all along.

I think I walked around my house listening to my iPod with my BassBuds for an hour after they arrived in the mail. I was so blown away at the sound quality, so impressed at how comfortable they were, and so happy they were so cool looking too (love that bling).

I am in love with my BassBuds, and I haven’t even had a chance to try these earbuds with my smartphone yet! I use Bluetooth in my car, but sometimes I just want a non-Bluetooth way to use my phone outside of my car without having to  wear that silly Bluetooth earpiece. Let’s face it, unless you get a a barrage of phone calls all day long, or don’t mind looking like a tool-bag, the Bluetooth earpiece is not for you. I don’t take too many hands free calls and sometimes using the speaker phone just kills the quality of the call. I cannot wait to try out my BassBuds during a call.

All in all I am really happy I had a chance to review BassBuds, even happier that I have a special coupon code for all my readers to get their own pair of BassBuds for $30.  Even if you don’t have earbuds on your holiday shopping list, you really should just treat yourself to a set. I promise these earbuds will be worth every penny and you will not be disappointed  especially if you are picky about earbuds such as myself.

To get your $30 pair of BassBuds, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. When checking out type in the coupon discount code BB59788

Its as simple as that. PLUS, the above discount code is a unique one just for my readers. Please do not hesitate to share this code with friends and family. BassBuds is having a little friendly competition between the bloggers chosen to review this product. The blogger who has the most BassBuds sold during the review period will get a special prize pack worth $400 that includes a special set of limited edition BassBuds.  This is a prize I’d really like to win for my nephew, since I consider myself a “cool” aunt, a prize like this would earn me some major cool aunt points….. so please please please share my discount code with anyone and everyone you know (that is after you purchase a set or two in ticking off a few items of your holiday shopping list).

I was compensated by BassBuds to review their product. All opinions and text are my own.


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