Single Mom Recipes

In the days that I first became a single mom I discovered that I stopped cooking. At first it was due to dealing with a newborn infant and toddler, and just not having enough hands and time to make some family meals. As the kids grew and I became better adept to multitasking, with kids up my ass and hanging all over me, I started to cook more. At first my meals were pre-packaged and/or frozen and/or chicken nuggets.  When I didn’t have the kids instead of cooking delightful meals for myself, I lived off take-out and/or frozen TV diners, and/or Ramen; aka lived like a bachelor. I needed a change. I needed to not only eat healthier, but also save money.

I created some recipes that are geared towards making home cooked meals on a budget. These recipes are also quick and easy to make.

I should note that I was taught to cook by my mother, who was taught by her mother, to cook by method of “eyeballing” as well as “winging it”. I have made some great meals in the past where I just tossed a bunch of stuff into a pot and it came out perfect. Of course I was never able to fully duplicate those recipes, but sometimes this led to new and better creations (example, who would have thought adding honey to chili would not only cool the spice, but make the beans taste sweeter).

My recipes are written in measurements to those who cook by my same methods, as well as Single Moms and Bachelors where time and proportions are kind of blurred. I’ll try to add translations when I can, but I make no promises if the recipes do not come out as well.

Bon Appetit

I posted these recipes in my main blog. Until I can make this page with a blog layout, please just follow the hyper links below. I think a blog layout for this page would be better since I think tags would be the best way to keep it all organized. For now I am putting some manual tags next to the recipe hyper links. Sorry if this confuses anyone. If it does just go to my blog and filter by the “Recipes” category, or the “Yes, I can cook”  tag.

Dinner Meals

Eggplant Pasta (vegetarian)

From the Vine Pasta (vegetarian, single serving, leftovers)

Quiche Me (vegetarian, leftovers)

Salsa chicken (crockpot meal)

Summer Squash Pasta (vegetarian, pantry, low carb, gluten free)

This FRESH SAUCE is one bad mother… SHUT YOUR MOUTH!  I’m just talkin’ ’bout my PASTA SAUCE (vegetarian, pantry)

Veggie Roasting (vegetarian, pantry, leftovers)


Berries Butterscotch-ed (single serve, pantry)

Better than Kozy Rice Pudding (leftovers)

Fun with melted Chocolate (single serve)

Mom’s Zucchini Bread [muffin-ized] (pantry)

Anytime Dishes

Crepe Me with Your Best Shot


For the Love of Kale

Just Peachy

Metabolism boosting juice

More Love for Kale


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